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Brooks Roddan

Joe Goode

Soft Cover
38 pages



Joe Goode's brilliant at-one-with-the-place black and white photos, taken when he lived near Springville, California on the western side of the Sierras, and Brooks Roddan's meditative response, a narrative interspersed among Goode's images as a tree might find its place in the forest. Signed and numbered.


Michael Hannon

Soft Cover
54 pages

May, 2002



Hannon does in poem after poem, trust oblivion that is, with the slenderest of reeds. His work has been widely published in journals and anthologies. He is the author of three full-length collections: Poems & Days (1985), Ordinary Messengers (1991), and Trusting Oblivion (2002). Kenneth Rexroth said of Hannon's work, "A very good poet indeed, and certainly one of the few Tantric writers in any language who is both profound and witty."


Brooks Roddan lives in San Francisco's Richmond District and writes in a room of an old house in the Avenues he and his wife are restoring, escaping as often as he can to a cabin in Wyoming. A poet, he’s written seven chapbooks and books, including The Light of the Light, (Blue Earth Press), The Frog Club (Readymade Books) and Days by Themselves (Blue Earth).

Mare Island is his first book of non-fiction.



Days by Themselves 

If, in poetry, paradox can transcend its rational constraints, revealing an almost ineffable truth, then Roddan's poetry offers the truest sense. A master of personification, Roddan continually pesters our imaginations, and he does so with a disarming dose of grace, compassion, and irony.

- Benjamin Jackson