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Kevin McCollister


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   June 28th, 2015


 Photographer captures L.A.'s spiritual side

in small-church series


"Blue Church" is one of the churches that Kevin McCollister photographed for a Twitter project that documents the undiscovered charm of LA's storefront churches.

More of Kevins work can be seen here

Photographer Kevin McCollister enjoys walking around Southern California, but not along the cobblestone walkways of Rodeo Drive, the white sandy beaches of the Pacific or the trendy Sunset Strip. He prefers exploring paths less traversed in the unpretentious, sometimes seedy neighborhoods of L.A.

 It was on one of his early morning walkabouts that he began noticing a proliferation of one-room storefront churches in pockets near MacArthur Park. Since then McCollister has been photographing the often-overlooked micro-churches that dot the urban landscape — the faithful grit to the city's glam. He finished his "60 Churches, 60 Days" series on Twitter in April but has continued to snap more than 100 of the humble, transitory houses of worship that have popped up in places like a former shoe store.





'30 Churches in 30 Days': Photographer Captures Humble Places of Worship in Los Angeles



Kevin McCollister featured in the Union Station show “The Heart of Los Angeles”

“The Heart of Los Angeles” series introduces 30 photographic artworks created by five artists: Suzanne Adelman, Sam Comen, Kevin McCollister, Jim McHugh and Catherine Opie. Each artist contributed six photographs that relate to the station’s architectural heritage, transit usage, cultural significance and its physical and social relationship to neighboring communities.


Description: Kevin McCollister wandered the dimly lit streets of Los Angeles, and his visual poems are assembled in this book. His subjects range from the many bridges, taco stands, hotels, buildings and details of architectural infrastructure to those who people inhabit these same locations. 

"You will find, as I did, this work to be a pithy, gritty look at present day
LA done with the eye of an artist."
-Phil Jackson, NBA coach and author

"McCollister's photos are luscious and meditative, conceptual and concrete, painterly and documentary, both Hopper-esque and matter of fact, giving us shadows and depths powerful enough to break through all the noir, bizarro, and sunshine cliches about Los Angeles. Beauty and reality strike equally and hard, giving exquisite and tactile composition to the act, and facts, of seeing."
-Fred Dewey, author