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Monsieur Ambivalence:

A post-literate fable


by Thomas Fuller


6 ½ x 9 ½ in; 257 pages


ISBN 9780985977313





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Fiction. Set in a village in central France, an American man attempts to sit quietly in a room by himself for one hour, a method promoted by the 17th century philospher Blaise Pascal as the prescription for all mankind's ills. Tempted by almost everything--fine wines, the grandeur of French cuisine, the beauty of the countryside, our hero soldiers on in pursuit of his special brand of solitude and uncertainty, despite the distractions of neighbors and a highly intelligent female companion.


 "… a narrative of literary beauty and philosophical depth …"

-Renate Stendhal, LAMBDA Award-winning writer and editor.

Thomas Fuller's first novel Monsieur Ambivalence has won a FINALIST AWARD in the Fiction Category at the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The award was announced on May 28th, 2014 at the Book Expo America National Book Convention!

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"Monsieur Ambivalence" by Thomas Fuller (IF SF Publishing, $15, 257 pages). If you can't make it to France this year, consider this odd but endearing "post-literate fable" by Thomas Fuller. Set in the Auvergne, written in brief, stream-of-consciousness installments and illustrated with grainy black-and-white photos (by a photographer who "wishes to remain anonymous"), the story is narrated by the title character, a man whose goal -- inspired by 17th-century philosopher Blaise Pascal -- is to sit quietly in a room for one hour without distraction. Fortunately for the reader, his solitude is frequently interrupted by his lover, Helena, his neighbors, the region's beautiful landscape, food and fine wines.

by Georgia Rowe, San Jose Mercury News


"Fuller makes something wonderful here, out of almost nothing: the attempt to sit quietly in a room alone for a least one hour. That he does so in a small village in the middle of France makes it all the more remarkable. Nothing will get in the way of his journey--not love or friendship, not fine wine or cigarettes, not Marcel Duchamp or the grandeur of French cuisine. Lovable and exasperating, a courageous weakling, Monsieur Ambivalence is a friend to all of us who cannot seem to live with ourselves, but who cannot stop hoping to believe that someday we can."

-Jean-Pierre Bezoux, author, Le Source: Secret Fountains of The Auvergne