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Money better spent

Bernie raised $5 million when he announced, and Beto raised $6 million.

Supposedly, Bernie's 'raise' consisted of 223,000 individual donors contributing an average of $27.00 per donation. Beto's 128,000 "unique contributors", as his press release put it, upped the ante at $48 a head.

That's a lot of money!*

A better idea for this money, (one which might encourage even more giving): 

Announcing The Trump Fund.

(A capital fund 5013c tax deferred LLC etcetc).

Working Capital for The Trump Fund will be established by the monies already raised on behalf of the Presidential contenders, plus individual, concerned citizens donations no less than $27 and no more than $48 per person, placed in a brown paper bag and delivered to Donald Trump on the condition that he vacate the office of the President upon receipt of the 'donation'. 

There's a decent chance Trump would take the money. And wouldn't that be a far better thing to do with the dough than spend it on the internet, on campaign rallies, bumper stickers and so on?

*Add to The Trump Fund the money raised by K.Harris, the lady's from Minnesota, New York and Hawaii, those guys from Colorado and Washington and Starbucks et. al.  

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