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"Listening to yourself, it is not literature you hear" Samuel Beckett


I am well-advised not to write what I have meditated, though it be inspired--


           Above the mountains I have forgotten the names of

            I have forgotten the name of the clouds

           moving somewhere so far away

           I have forgotten the name of


and silence exists as the ideal, there being the possibility that everything necessary has already been written.


One Word


"A whole poem may be devoted to the clear meaning of one word"  

George Oppen         


Morning in March, a miniature self-portrait



Then the wind got my attention, and the rain, and the rest of the day was just waiting for me to decide what to do with it.



Why IF SF Likes San Francisco

Is there is another place in the world where one can play golf and see art almost simultaneously, as one can when arriving on the 6th teebox at Lincoln Park Golf Course which shares space with the Legion of Fine Arts?

There is, somewhere in Scotland, I'm told.

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