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Sam Haskins was born in Los Angeles but has lived most of his life in San Francisco where he practiced law for many years. Married in 1961, Haskins and his first wife had 3 children but split up in 1970. As a way of dealing with the turmoil of the separation, Haskins began writing poetry in the early 1970's, eventually publishing  work in the Pacific Sun—a weekly newspaper in Marin—and Rolling Stone.

Written on a manual typewriter, many on law office stationary, Haskins recently 're-discovered' the poems, and has assembled a volume in collaboration with IF SF that presents not only a lyrical montage of a specific time and place but 'snapshots' of one man trying to keep track of his thoughts and feelings, even in the midst of chaos. 

Re-married, Haskins lives in San Francisco with his wife Mary Lou. He blogs about mass media—cinema & television—does pro bono work, plays golf and eats and drinks very very well. 


Sam Haskins Attorney, Poems 1970–1980

Description: By "getting it out and writing it down," Sam Haskins paid attention to a turbulent personal and professional life through poetry. Songwriter's were an obvious influence—Dylan, John Prine, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell—but Haskins found his own voice in a series of poems that seem as if they were written just yesterday. Unpretenious but aware, lively and thoughtful, Haskins' poems work as a social document of a specific time and place, and as pure literary expressions.