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The Classical World

A Novel of Ideas

by Thomas Fuller

 6.5 x 9.5 in; 234 pages

Softcover with Flaps

Illustrated with Photographs and Four Color Artwork

ISBN 978-0-985977399










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THE CLASSICAL WORLD, A NOVEL OF IDEAS is Thomas Fuller’s second book of fiction. His first novel, MONSIEUR AMBIVALENCE, A POST- LITERATE FABLE, received a Finalist Award in the Fiction Category at the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. A poet, he’s written seven books and chapbooks of poetry, including Days By Themselves and The Frog Club, under his given name, Brooks Roddan, as well as the quasi-memoir, MARE ISLAND. 

The hero of Thomas Fuller’s new book walks around while asking one big question after another—what is truth, what is beauty, what is justice—on his journey through the classical world. Along the way he comes into contact with people—a cave guide in the ancient city of Matera, a taxi cab driver in Naples, the imperious owner of a grand hotel in Rome, among others—so modern they’re ancient and so ancient they’re modern. When he ditches his male sidekick for a female muse, the trip takes on an entirely different dimension, as our hero edges closer and closer and closer to asking the oldest philosophical question in the world: what is the best way to live one’s life, knowing there’s no right answer.

A tender, funny, profane and outrageous novel. THE CLASSICAL WORLD is a quixotic excursion for which there’s no tour guide other than the self.


The Classical World is illustrated with original collage artwork and color and black and white photographs